Kod EAN8595568924704
Kod klasyfikacji celnej39259020
Waga1.25 kg/m
Materiał bezołowiowyyes
Samogasnący30 sec.
Odporność na temperaturę-5 - 60 °C
Test rozżażonej pętli850 °C
Quick lid instalation is done by pressing it in the middle.
Ochrona mechanicznaIK07
Odporność na uderzenia1 J
Szerokość130 mm
Wysokość65 mm
Długość2 m
Wewnątrz6000 mm2
The trunkings are available in lengths with a tolerance of ± 0.5% at 20 ° C.
Sposób użycia
they are resistant to aggressive and chemical environments. They do not resist UV radiation, they are not suitable for outdoor use.
Zalecenia producenta
If the SK 40X33 (higher) shielding canal can be installed, it is not possible to use instruments with a larger installation depth, eg with an overvoltage protection device. The producer recommends checking the depth of a particular device before installation. To install devices with round corners, KOPOS recommends using of the KP PK instrument box and drilling the hole in the lid using the VPT 64 drill.
Klasa reakcji na ogieńA1 - F
Możliwość podłączenia 2 puszek w szereguyes
Stopień zabezpieczeniaIP 40
NormyČSN EN 50 085-1
Opis opakowaniapackage - cardboard

Designed for inserting power and communication circuits, security lines and other lines. Individual lines can be electromagnetically shielded by inserting a shielding canal, which is fixed to the trunking by clamps PSK 1. For classical instruments that are installed in a closed instrument box KP 80 PK clicked in the body of the canal or into an open instrument box KP PK installed in the bottom of the parapet trunkings. With using KOPOBOX MINI P, modular devices can be installed. No lids are necessary for the final installation of instrument. The lid is cut to the desired length and inserted next to the instrument.