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Karta katalogowa
Kod EAN8595057621787
Kod klasyfikacji celnej39173100
Waga0.10 kg/m
Samogasnący30 sec.
Odporność na temperaturę-15 - 90 °C
Odporność mechaniczna320 N/5cm
Średnica zewnętrzna40 mm
Wewnętrzna średnica (min.)32,4 mm
Tolerancjalength ± 1 %
Zalecenia producenta
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Obszar z zagrożeniem wybuchowym
Can be installed in a zone with the danger of explosion of flammable gases and vapors of zone 2 and into the zone of danger of explosion of flammable dusts of zone 22.
Klasa reakcji na ogieńA1 - F
Kod sortowania22322
NormyČSN EN 61386-1 ed.2

Flexible halogen-free self-extinguishing pipe made of PP with low smoke. For surface installation, into or under parget. Suitable for mounting into hollow walls, plaster walls and ceilings. Flexible self-extinguishing pipe made from PP with low content of halogen elements. Halogen-free pipes are used on premises where the safety of people and property is primary, e.g.: public buildings, hospitals, schools, theatres, airport halls, shopping centres, etc.

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